Ogee Square Step

Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Countertop Edges

With so many trendy and modern kitchen renovation choices, the right countertop edge profiles are vital as they make or break your look. Do you want to choose the best countertop for your kitchen to create the right style for your home? Countertop edges are a focal point as they add a finishing touch to your kitchen, refine the look, and create a difference for you. 

Understanding Countertop Edges

In this blog, we will have a look at the profile edge countertop, so make sure you go through all the details. 

1.Square Edge

One of the most popular edge profiles for countertops, a square edge is an all-time classic yet modern type of countertop edge that is easier on the wallet. This type of edge is being opted for by most homeowners these days as a 90-degree angle. 

It brings definition and simplicity to your kitchen countertops. It is a bold choice for modern kitchens these days. 

2.Bullnose Edge 

A bullnose edge profile for countertops includes two types of edges, full and half bullnose. The full bullnose edges for countertops are rounded on the top and bottom, both while the half bullnose has a delicate curve on edge and the flat bottom. 

These edges look great with stone countertops, are durable, and are easy to clean. Also, the bullnose edge countertops can be great for a space where kids are always running around as they are safer from the corners. 

3.Pencil Edge 

Do you want a countertop that is user-friendly and fits in with your space perfectly? Pencil Edge is a great countertops edges option for families as it comes with slightly rounded edges. They have no sharp corners, so you shouldn’t worry about anyone getting hurt when they bump into it accidentally. A pencil edge is more rounded than an eased edge. This edge resembles the side of a pencil and creates a stylish and smooth finish. 

4.Eased Edge 

Do you want granite countertop edge choices and are confused between multiple options? If you want a safer option, don’t forget to consider eased edge countertops. 

Also referred to as a “softened square look” eased edge is traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms because, along with being aesthetically appealing, it is a great option for protection and safety. The best part about the eased edge is that it blends well within your surface, and the round shape doesn’t become too obvious. 

5.Ogee Edge 

For more countertop edges options, we present Ogee Edge, a combination of two curves, a concave and a convex. It has a nice shape to it and will look classy and elegant in a traditional kitchen. It has a classy look with careful detailing and is usually found in premium countertop materials like quartz. 

It is usually preferred for natural stone countertops and comes with an air of luxury and appears to be sophisticated. However, keep in mind that because this edge is fancy, it is slightly towards a higher price. 

6.Bevel Edge

Also referred to as a “Bevel Square”, a bevel edge countertop is one of the common countertop edge profiles among homeowners. A bevel edge is a square cut at a 45-degree angle and has smooth edges and corners. 

The bottom of the countertop comes down to the bottom and can maintain a nice look no matter what color or design the countertop you choose. These countertop edges are easy to maintain and clean and look classy and cool. 

7.Stepped Edge 

Usually used for granite edges for countertops as well as quartz, Stepped Edge for countertops are just like what their name implies. This means that these countertops are cut into a series of steps into the stone, which makes the countertop edge look like stairs. Moreover, this countertop edge can look great for your kitchen and even better if you get a countertop stone in a dark color, like black. However, remember that you will have to clean the edges more than usual as dirt and grime can accumulate between the steps in the stone. 

8.Waterfall Edge 

A waterfall edge on a countertop can look beautiful within a kitchen space if you want to ensure that your space looks inviting, aesthetically appealing, and of a modern style. A waterfall edge creates continuity towards the bottom of the countertop. It is a much-loved option among people who prefer the look of their kitchen and countertops above everything else. 

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