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How select stone cabinet color, white or dark countertop?

After you have decided material (light granite, marble, or quartz countertops) from which your cabinets will be made, another no less important question arises – what will be the color?

There is a variety of interior styles and possible kitchen design options, tile backsplashes, the choice is to be complicated.

Must-Have Kitchen Features

  1. Practical and versatile variants for granite kitchen cabinets are white, beige (any shades), with the texture of natural stone crumbs.
  2. Granite Tabletops must cross with other elements of the kitchen design: plinths, furniture, decor.
  3. Do you want to contrast or in one color? In most cases, designers recommend picking up the contrast coloring headset.
  4. Matte granite benchtops are more practical than glossy (whatever you have chosen. The fact is that over time glossy coating is erased, and it becomes visible (especially on dark surfaces). When you come to the salon to watch samples of layers, you will find that even matte slightly shines and look good.
  5. Do not choose bright surfaces: blue, purple, red, orange, pink, tilt, turquoise, yellow. Such a choice will be challenging to enter in your home interior type; it will also annoy you (sooner or later).

 Good combination of alternative color shades for your kitchen

Granite Kitchen furniture


White (cold palette, river white).

Any coloring, but the preferred thing is something contrast or ” like wood”

Granite white (warm palette), beige, light sand.

Dark/light wood, brown, granite crumb (not black), terracotta, dark-oar, light-colored granite

Olive, pistachio, light green.

Brown, wenge, dark rocks, wood, ocher, beige.

Red, burgundy, grenade.

Light or dark gray, dark stone texture


White cool, Light Mosaic, or Stone Crumb

Gray, wet asphalt, asphalt

White granite countertops or gray darker than Facade

Backsplash kitchen ideas

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countertop laminate

glossy granite surfaces looking very effectively

Often you can meet monophonic color options.

Often you can meet monophonic coloring options. (usually, customers prefer this option)

Not quite standard colors can also be found

granite red kitchen surface with sink

Popular now surface deep black

Popular granite surfaces are deep with white and black

Black granite countertop colors

Actually, for benchtop, it is one of ideal controversial. On one hand, it will not be seen on blacks from products or drinks, but on the other, any scratch on a granite surface will be too noticeable. Therefore, if you prefer tabletop with this variant, choose material and texture carefully. A black kitchen countertop with specks or divorces will be much more practical than a monophonic glossy. It comfortable variant for business and allows keeping tables clean. One of the attractive options is Coloring “Royal Opal” (yellow-golden divorces on a black background).

black countertops kak podobrat cvet stoleshnicy dlya kuhni 2

Brown for granite cabinets

This group includes Wenge, dark brown, chocolate, and all “woody” shades (oak, alder, etc.). And this gamma is perhaps the widest range of applications relating to various interior styles. So, colors of Wenge can be entered into Loft, and in Country, and in modern. Lighter tones will suit Provence and Shebby. Brown-colored is combined with any other, especially with adequately placed accents. In terms of practicality, such a granite tabletop will also give odds to surfaces of different colors. 

brown kitchen countertops

Grey color

It is not unambiguously attributed to light or dark: it all depends on its big shade. Brands granite countertops are gray (steel) very often and can be seen in the interior in high-tech. It is pretty practical, color is beautiful and discreet, with excellent accents.

grey countertops
 Those who wish to choose a kitchen with a “dark” list, one nuance should be taken into account: if you have a small kitchen room in an area, it is better to pick up a dark variant “narrow” space. It is also not recommended to choose dark accessories for kitchen owners of non-standard proportions: any errors, angles, recesses will be immediately visible. If you do not want to focus on them, refuse gloomy colored.

 Granite red (wine, love) countertops

If your choice fell on this color, remember that it contributes to appetite stimulation, so it is contraindicated to lovers. Also, it would help if you did not choose red people with an elevated level of anxiety or prone to aggression – it can bring negatively influence some psyche. The person will become nervous and evil—a more classic, “dear” color from this spectrum – burgundy.

red kitchen countertops

Granite orange countertops

Redhead is immediately associated with a fast-food cafe. Because such a color stimulates appetite, but not as red: I want to eat a lot, but quickly. If you like this color and wish to add it to the kitchen interior, choose something better than a tabletop of this color, but something smaller: bright sugar, painting, and clock.

orange countetops


Creative personalities, avid cookies who want to be cheered in the morning for a cup of coffee – this item for you. Granite yellow color countertops in a kitchen (cabinets) will help you not only wake up and get a great mood – it will also stimulate you to create culinary masterpieces. Therefore, boldly choose one of the shades: from lemon to honey.

yellow countertops


It is considered most favorable for a person since this is the color of nature itself. Green will be an excellent solution in your interior. A rich selection of shades – from gentle salad to Malachite – will help you navigate and pick up a suitable color for your granite kitchen.

green kitchen countertops

Blue countertops

Blue often chooses Shebbi Chic lovers. This color is gentle, soothing, hidden: it can be bright and white. Granite blue kitchen countertop is a sharper contrast; such a granite countertop, of course, has the right to exist, but from such a “deep” color can be tired of an eye.

blue kitchen countertop


Color of mysticism, witchcraft, secrets. It also has many shades: from lavender, beloved Provence, to a deep color of the night sky. It looks beautiful in a granite monochrome kitchen. Gray-black and white interior in which a granite purple countertop will perform color stain will not remain unnoticed and will not look too strict and boring.

purple countertops

Choosing the color of your granite cabinets, do not stop on each classic white or few monophonic options: consider variations with glitters, divorces, splashes, with different textures. Every buyer should make choice according to his needs and be happy. Ask questions to the designer and write in comments.

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