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The thickness of countertops: why is it important?

Countertops are usually used in the kitchen and the bathroom. Hostesses often operate these places. Therefore, the issue of the durability of the item often comes first. In the case of a bathroom, thickness is not as paramount as moisture-resistant properties. However, in the kitchen, where the countertop is operated as much as possible, it is important to choose the optimal option.

 For each hostess, it is significant that the kitchen and bathroom are comfortable. A countertop is the main part of the work area. Therefore, it can often be subjected to various influences: spatter of moisture, high temperatures, steam, chemical cleaning products. If you need the countertop to serve you for many years, it is necessary to select the correct thickness.

thickness of countertops

  If the sizes of the product are not sample, they are ordered individually. Therefore, it is preferable to consider these characteristics in the initial stages of acquirement planning. The major part of finished models are modular; their sizes are calculated preliminarily. Therefore, countertops are adjusted previously. At the time of material selection, its properties, weight, fasteners, aesthetic characteristics, and convenience are considered.

  Blanks of natural marble and granite are called a slab. They usually have a width of 0.6 to 2 meters and a length of 1.8 to 3 m. For countertops made of marble, a size of 1.8 by 2.5 meters is considered standard. The thickness is small — 20 or 30 millimeters. Granite products are stronger. Their thickness is slightly larger: usually from 30 to 50 mm. The unique porous texture is a distinctive feature of natural stone. However, the choice of colors is small, but the variety of drawings compensates for this. Marble and granite tops are difficult to work with because of their hardness. They are inconsistent in operation but give the interior respectability and aristocracy. Granite is one of those stones well suited to the working surface and meets all the requirements. It is fine-grained and dense, and therefore very practical and durable. Granite is supplied in slabs (plates about 3 × 1.5 meters, size can vary upwards and downwards). Its undeniable advantages include its appearance, which amazes with luxury, beauty, unique texture, and an extensive palette of shades. For kitchen countertops are used slabs 2-3 cm thick, which undergo superficies treatment (can be polished, matte, aged, etc.), cut into the desired proportions and shape, holes for washing, cooking surface, and other utensils are made.

 thickness of countertops on the kictchen

 For measurement of the countertop, you must have a kitchen assembled, where our specialist takes exact dimensions in length and width and checks the coal content of the walls and adjacent cabinets to get the most accurate product with no gaps and slots. Granite is a natural material that has a characteristic pattern on the entire thickness of the product, so over the years of operation, when surface damage occurs, it can be restored: remove the top layer (0.5 -1 mm) and replace the product, heal the microscopes – this will give the countertop an initial new appearance. The granite countertop will serve for decades while retaining all its aesthetic and operational properties.


 We don’t recommend using marble as a kitchen top; However, it is one of the most beautiful and spectacular materials. It has the highest decorative qualities. It cannot boast of high mechanical strength, and food dyes or acids can damage the top polished layer and leave spots. This is a porous rock that is not afraid of moisture, but it can also easily absorb oils that will remain in the material’s thickness with a flat spot. Marble countertops require special sensitive care or little surface operation. It is recommended to wipe it immediately if any colored or oily liquid has spilled: wine, tea, etc. Marble can be used on vertical planes — apron, sidewalls of the kitchen. This part is less affected, and as a result, it will last a long time!


 What to choose?

 The standard size is considered to be 1.8 by 2.5 m, the thickness for marble is 20-30 mm, for granite — 30-50 mm. Natural stone has a unique natural texture. Each tabletop is unique in design, but the color palette is limited. Marble tops give the interior aristocracy respectability but erratic in operation. The stone is porous; it is difficult to get rid of random spots; sometimes, it is impossible to get rid of. The marble is brittle; the thin edges are peeled off. The frame shall withstand a weight of 80 kg per square meter.

compate thickness of countertops

 Stone countertops are suitable for large and spacious kitchens. This material is very strong and durable. The most popular size is 4000×600 mm.

 The standards that a stone countertop has:

 width — 60 cm;

 length — 75/80/240/300 cm;

 thickness — from 40 mm.

 The dimensions of the kitchen countertop are selected, taking into account the dimensions of the future headset. Width and length play a key role since these parameters determine the area of the work surface. For the convenience of cooking, it is desirable to install a large countertop. Its design is, of course, important, but it is a functional element of the kitchen, so the worktop should be comfortable first of all. The convenience of use should be located at the optimal height suitable for the hostess’s growth and have a practical depth. Natural stone coatings are 60 cm wide and 2400, 800, and 750 cm long. Countertops made of natural stone look good in an u-shaped or l-shaped form. Their polished sections are pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye. This material has one drawback — a very significant weight. Countertops made of natural stone weigh quite a lot, which significantly complicates their delivery and installation.

 The width is selected about the wall cabinets’ height and the length of the countertop. With a kitchen surface width of 65 cm, the bottom of the wall module should not exceed 50 cm from the countertop. If the kitchen dimensions do not allow making a wide countertop, then the width of the hinged module must be reduced. The thickness of the kitchen cover varies from two to six centimeters.

 The countertop ordered according to your drawing is original and stylish. It will not happen to anyone! You will experience pleasure and delight every time you are in the kitchen or bathroom!

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