The Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets For Your Modern Kitchen

Several factors should be considered when planning a modern summer kitchen. These factors include looking for the best outdoor kitchen cabinets, outdoor kitchen countertops, hardware, and more. A well-planned and well-designed outdoor kitchen can save you money on eating out while providing you with a cool cooking experience. 

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets 

Outdoor kitchens come with several benefits, and they look good too. However, their planning, design, and construction are different from those indoors. Some factors should be considered, like looking for weatherproof outdoor cabinets instead of going for the other kind. Weatherproof outdoor cabinets can bear the heat and the rain that are part and parcel of the outdoors. Your modern summer kitchen should have cabinets that are aesthetically pleasing while offering maximum functionality. 


Steel cabinets are among the favorites for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It is because they are built to tolerate extreme weather. Additionally, a coat of zinc can complete the weatherproof look and make your cabinets last longer. 

Design And Style

Cabinets with airtight closing will offer maximum protection from dust, air, and bugs. It will also allow to use the space for storage options and not worry about the things inside going bad. Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be done in different colors. However, the cabinets should match the theme of the kitchen, like the countertops, hardware, and other material. 

The Benefits Of A Modern Summer Kitchen 

The modern summer kitchen comes with many benefits that include an increase in the value of the house as well. Let’s look at some of the benefits that are commonly associated with the modern summer kitchen.

  • They make a great space for entertaining guests. 
  • They play a vital role in increasing the value of the house.
  • They make the cooking process a great and unique experience. 
  • They can help people in saving on utility as cooking outside in the hot months is better than being cramped inside. 
  • Outdoor cooking can decrease the chances of going out. Hence, you can save big bucks by cooking outdoors and enjoying a good meal while not splurging. 

Options For Outdoor Kitchen Countertops 

Many people have different preferences when it comes to outdoor kitchen countertops. There is no one correct option, but it depends upon the vibe and the overall look you want for the modern summer kitchen. Some of the best options for the outdoor kitchen countertops options are as follows:

  • Marble countertops are popular, and many people have them as their 1st preference for their kitchen. 
  • The second option is granite countertops. Outdoor kitchen granite countertops make a great choice for the modern summer kitchen. Additionally, outdoor kitchen granite countertops can bear the ever-changing outdoor weather and maintain their aesthetic for a long time. 
  • The last option is Quartz, but they work better for an indoor kitchen as they can fade with time in the sun.

Picking the right material is one thing, but it is also vital to pick the service providers. At Pro Granite Orlando, we provide premium quality material along with a high-quality service that has left all our customers satisfied. So, if you’re looking to have a modern summer kitchen, Pro Granite is the place for you.