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The 3 Best Kitchen Countertops for Families

If you have a busy or large family, then you need to consider their safety and comfort when choosing counters and countertops. We all know that having a large family means that a small countertop won’t be suitable for you, and you will have to search for counters for kids that offer functionality and durability. 

To make your decision easier, we have brought you the 3 best countertops for families which you can choose from. 

Importance of Kid-Friendly Countertops 

Counters for kids are a necessity these days, and we are sure you will understand if you have a lot of kids at home and it is always chaos. Whether it is breakfast, dinner, snack time, or homework time, kids usually spend most of their time with their mothers so a small countertop won’t do. Similarly, as you can’t stop kids from making a mess, you will want counters and countertops that are easy to clean and, of course, scratch-resistant. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to keep running after your kids all the time and making sure that your counters are in shape, then the ideal choice would be to learn about the best countertops for families and countertops best to worst. 

Granite Countertops 

According to a study, Granite is one of the most preferred when it comes to counters and countertops, and 43% of homeowners in the US, between 30 to 54 years of age, opted for it. Granite is a great choice for best countertops for families, as it is one of the hardest stones, is highly durable, and doesn’t chip off or scratch easily. 

Also, Granite comes in a great variety of unique colors and veining, which can be great at hiding food crumbs or the spills your children make. Moreover, Granite might require re-sealing once a year, but it is a material that is easy to maintain regularly and can last for a long time if you take good care of it. 

If you want to minimize your cleaning efforts, you can choose darker surfaces and colors like black, as such colors will be able to hide stains even better. 

Pros of Granite: 

  • Adds value to the home 
  • Higher sustainability 
  • Are heat and cut resistant 
  • Requires easy cleaning

    Quartz Countertops 

Another option for counters for kids can be quartz, as it is an engineered stone surface that offers great durability and isn’t a porous material keeping your countertops bacteria-free. Around 42% of homeowners chose to opt for engineered quartz countertops as they are heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. If you want lighter colors for your kitchen, you will find plenty of options in quartz and different shades of white. 

If quartz is properly sealed and maintained, it can resist chips, cracking, and staining in the long term. Moreover, please don’t place hot pans or cut fruits or meat directly on the small countertop as it could damage the countertop. 

Furthermore, the best part is that cleaning quartz countertops won’t take much time, and they don’t need much effort. To clean a quartz countertop, you must have dish soap, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. 

Pros of Quartz: 

  • It is non-porous 
  • It is low maintenance 
  • It is highly durable 
  • It has a great appearance

    Marble Countertops 

A very popular and hot choice for countertops, marble countertops are one of the most preferred choices due to the aesthetic look that they provide. Marble countertops have the ability to make your space appear high-maintenance with a glossy surface that gives off a luxury vibe. 

Not only that, but marble countertops can be quite cost effective as they almost available everywhere. If you and your kids love to bake every other day, then that is great news because marble countertops are heat resistant and can easily withstand high temperatures when you are baking or even cooking. 

While marble countertops look like the dreamy addition to your kitchen, keep in mind that you will have to put in a little extra effort while cleaning as marble countertops require regular maintenance. If you are up for the cleaning part, then you are good to go ahead with this countertop choice. 

Pros of Marble: 

  • White marble can look very stunning  
  • It is easily affordable 
  • It withstands heat easily 
  • It is easy to shape and cut 

Getting new countertops can be a little overwhelming, especially considering your kids’ safety and family’s comfort. You can look at the options we have shared above and pick one that suits your choice and preferences. To get the best countertops installed, you can reach out to us at Pro Granite, and we will make sure that you end up with the countertop of your choice. For more details, you can get in touch with us at (407) 973-2074.