Selecting Countertop Edge Profiles for Your Kitchen

While constructing or renovating the Kitchen’s interior, numerous options related to cabinetry, color palette, and the right tiles are given thorough consideration. However, one of the most significant elements is mostly overlooked, and that is choosing the right countertop edge styles.

It may seem like selecting a countertop edge style will not make a difference, but it will surely add a precise and fair look to the kitchen interior.

So, what are the significant options for selecting granite edge profiles and the most popular quartz countertop edge styles? Let’s explore the 7 most popular edge designs.

Most Popular Quartz Countertop Edges for your Kitchen

1.     Single Bevel

The square edge cut is a single beveled countertop edge cut at approximately a 45-degree angle. The style is well-known for its touch of sophistication with the sleek straight lines without overwhelming other elements of the Kitchen. The countertop edges should never dominate the interior; rather, they should complement the entire look. The single bevel edge style may look more exclusive and expensive than its actual value, depending on whether you choose a granite edge profile or quartz material for the countertop.

2.     Quarter Round Edge

If you want the countertop edge details to appear slightly thicker, then adding a slight curve of the quarter-round edge can serve as an ideal option. The countertop edge styles serve as a suitable fit for modern or traditional kitchen designs. Further, not only the kitchen countertops but the edge will provide an elegant touch to the bathroom surfaces as well.

3.     Straight Edge

For the prevention of injuries or damages to the countertop edge details, the straight edge style, which is a square edge, is a great idea to follow for granite edge profiles or quartz edge styles. If you are searching to add an appreciable touch and highlight to the kitchen elements, then this profile edge style is a great option to choose for granite or quartz countertops.

4.     Half Bullnose Edge

The half bullnose countertop edge details include a delicate curve on the top portion of the countertop that goes down to a straight lower side portion. Like various other Bevel edges, this style will also cause water to run off the countertop, along with protecting the cabinets underneath. Additionally, this style profile will also make the surface seem thicker.

5.     Eased Edge

The eased edge style comprises the characteristics of a subtle softened square that softens the rigid, sharp edges of your granite edge profile or quartz edge style countertops. The eased edge style also serves as a great option for smaller kitchens. To create a modern and sophisticated look, use it as a combination to complement the surface material. Moreover, it is considered a supreme option for strange angles and oddly shaped countertops.

6.     Ogee Edge

Among the general and premium countertop edges options, the Ogee style serves as the most famous selection for kitchen countertops. The Ogee Edge features a glorious S-shaped curve which serves a great traditional look to the kitchen settings.

7.     Half Bevel Edge

Consider opting for a Half Bevel edge if you are looking to add some exclusive style with the most popular quartz countertop edges details. The edge is stylish yet subtle and will also allow water to run off the countertops without causing damage to the cabinets under it. The Half Bevel edge style is a significant option for any countertop with its function and beauty characteristics.

Choosing the best quartz countertop edge profiles serves as a significant step for your kitchen styling and renovation. However, it is important to get the countertop edge profile work done by professionals for a finer look and superior result.