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Quartz That Looks Like Marble: Beauty and Function without Hassle

Who doesn’t love a kitchen with classic marble counters that give off the classic and timeless look along with royalty? Having marble countertops not only increases the aesthetic of your kitchen, but its everlasting beauty adds to your home value as well.

Are you looking for quartz that looks like marble because you don’t want a countertop that is high maintenance and requires cleaning every now and then with kids? Marble look quartz can be a dream for everybody because it solves all your cleaning and durability issues.

Today we have brought you quartz countertops that look like marble, so they are definitely worth a shot.

Why is Quartz a Better Option?

While marble countertops are beautiful and have a look of elegance, they are not suitable for everyone because you need to be very careful with them. Marble countertops not only require regular cleaning, but you also have to be very careful when it comes to hot pots and pans.

Moreover, spilled food can damage marble and leave stains on it. This is why if you dread all of the cleanings, what could be better than opting for quartz that looks like marble?

1.     Calacatta Botanica Quartz

One of our first options for quartz that looks like marble is Calacatta Botanica, a type of quartz that is white in color and has delicate and small veining in black color on the surface.

It is one of the most common options that people opt for when they looking for marble look quartz that isn’t too loud. This kind of countertop will look great when you have cabinets of light color as well.

2.     Cosmopolitan White Quartz

42% of homeowners prefer engineered quartz which is why quartz countertops that look like marble are highly popular these days.

Cosmopolitan white is one of those white marble quartz countertops which resembles marble countertops a lot, and if you like countertops that are in one shade and do not have any prominent veining on them, then this should be your go-to. To make these counters pop, you can add some light-colored wood at the bottom.

3.     Caldera Ceaserstone Quartz

If you want to skip cleaning all together and aren’t a fan of white marble quartz countertops, then dark countertops are also loved as much. The Caldera Ceaserstone countertop is a beautiful shade of black which will surely attract a lot of people. This countertop with light beige and brown veining is a great option for people who love a dark aesthetic for their kitchen countertops.

4.     Frosty Carrina Quartz

Are you in search of marble-look quartz which doesn’t include the regular veining, has a toned-down lighter shade, and looks as beautiful as marble?

Frosty Carrina Quartz is a countertop material that has more of a subtle feel and has very light grey veiny texture that is only visible if you have a good look at the countertop. It is a good choice for people who want to stick to options that are close to marble and don’t want to compromise on the look of their kitchen in any way. This countertop will also look great with any color of interior that you end up choosing.

5.     Ceaserstone Taj Royal

One of the quartz countertops that look like marble, Ceaserstone Taj Royal has been inspired by marble available in light tones. Similar to a light brown shade, this quartz countertop material can be a classy option for people who neither like whites or dark colors like black.

It has a warm hue, light and soft texture, and glows perfectly when the sunlight directly falls on it. Also, it is made from one of the most durable materials and is a great choice when it comes to kitchens with white cabinets, as the contrast looks fascinating.

6.     Carrara Morro

Inspired from the Carrara marble design, Carrara Morro comes with a shade of soft white marble and is a shade of white marble quartz countertops that defines elegance and luxury. It not only gives off a luxury look, but it comes within the perfect price tag, which makes it quite affordable when compared to real marble.

If you have a simple and easy kitchen space, then this countertop will fit right in, and you won’t have to worry about the design being too much or excessive. This kind of countertop can also serve as the perfect backdrop for all your food pictures.

Are you planning to install a quartz countertop for the first time and are confused about your various options? For budget-friendly and long-lasting installation, you can contact us at Pro Granite. We will make sure that your installation process goes smoothly, and we will also answer any questions you might have in mind about quartz countertops installation in Orlando. For a free estimate, call us at (407) 973-2074.