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Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

A lucrative source of indulging yourself in the oasis of pleasure is outdoor dining with family and friends. Enchanting nature, fits of laughter, the aroma of delicious bbq, and you are working your culinary magic at a well-fitted worktop- isn’t it serene?

Indeed, it is!

Setting up an outdoor kitchen is not as dreamy as it may seem. Outdoor Kitchen tops are exposed to weather extremities way more than indoor kitchen material. Thus, the selection of outdoor kitchen countertops requires you to be vigilant.

What works wonders for an indoor kitchen may not work well for an outdoor kitchen at all; therefore, one needs to be aware of outdoor kitchen countertop dos and don’ts before finalizing an exquisite kitchen design.

Which Stone is Best for Outdoor Kitchen Countertop?

Outdoor kitchen countertops ought to be sturdy enough to resist extreme wear and tear. The material or stone must be non-porous, moisture repellent, and stain-proof.

Marble makes lovely and stylish indoor kitchen countertops; however, it is not recommended for the outdoor kitchen due to its porous nature. Marble stone could absorb high moisture content from air, surrendering to cracks, liquid spills, mildew, and stains.

Quartz is a synthetically colored stone. The color can fade by direct exposure to sunlight, making it an impracticable choice for outdoor kitchen countertops.

If marble and quartz are arguably out, what is the secret to making durable outdoor kitchen countertops?

GRANITE! Granite tile countertop outdoor kitchen is the key.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Granite Countertops

Granite countertops for outdoor kitchens are hands down the best investment anyone could make. It’s stylish, cost-effective, and requires minimal maintenance. Granite tile outdoor kitchen countertops are almost twice as strong as marble.

✔Low maintenance

Even though granite countertops are also porous, a sealing polish can be easily used on the surface to keep it intact. Polish frequency depends upon the kitchen usage and intensity of workload on the countertop. Thus, the lesser the use lower the maintenance.


Sunlight and extreme weather do not impact outdoor kitchen granite countertops as much as they affect other stones. Granite tile countertop outdoor kitchens look absolutely elegant due to durability, contemporary colors, and modern styles.


Outdoor kitchen granite countertops are easy to clean. In case of spills, a gentle rub with a piece of cloth dipped in the mixture of Luke-warm water with mild detergent is enough to leave the countertop sparkly clean.


Another great feature of the outdoor kitchen granite countertop is heat resistance. This type of worktop is one of the most reliable upholders of hot utensils and bbq grills.

Add in the beauty and grace of your outdoor kitchen now by installing a granite countertop.

Where to find the best Granite tile countertop outdoor kitchens?

Pro Granite Countertops specializes in providing premium quality granite tile countertops and outdoor kitchens in Florida: Orlando, Lakeland, Melbourne, and Lake Nona. A vast variety of different granite shades and textures is available to pick from.

We provide exclusive interior and exterior decor consultancy. Our team suggests durable outdoor kitchen granite countertops to revamp the look of your plain kitchen, transforming it into one of the most lavish corners of your house.