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Choose Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets (countertops)

If you have a backyard or a garden space sitting idle, one of the best ways to utilize it is to set up an outdoor kitchen. Why slave away in the trapped heat inside when you can be toasting away in the sunny, bright weather outside with your modern summer kitchen setup. 

Gear Up To Set Up An Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen today is no more limited to a small grill and a tiny freezer. You can have a sink and countertop with outdoor kitchen cabinets to hold all the kitchen stuff, so you won’t be running inside to grab things every two minutes. With weatherproof outdoor cabinets, your kitchen will stay upright in all conditions.

You can add chic patio furniture with umbrellas and perennial plants to give your modern summer kitchen an extra edge. Other must-haves include a wine cooler, a barbecue setup, fans for cooling, a closed pantry for storage, and a fire pit. A TV or music for entertainment will complete your outdoor setup for guests. 

Things To Consider For Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

You must take three points into consideration before adding outdoor kitchen cabinets – durability, design, and functionality. 


If you live in a place like Florida, where the weather is wet and humid, you need weatherproof outdoor cabinets. Even if the kitchen is covered, the outdoor kitchen cabinets must be durable. Steel cabinets can tolerate extreme temperature and moisture too. With zinc coating over steel for the handles, you will have perfectly weatherproof outdoor cabinets.


For optimum functionality, ensure the cabinets are fully closed to prevent dust and bugs. The best design will meet your needs for storage and go with the overall look of the kitchen.


You can opt for the trending monochromatic look or go for something more bright and colorful.

Things To Consider For Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

The first thing anyone will lay eyes on in your outdoor kitchen is your countertop, so it needs to look exquisite.  

Material And Look – Mix And Match

There are several material options for outdoor kitchen countertops. It depends on what vibe you want to give.


A granite countertop is the best choice of material for an outdoor kitchen. It can bear wear and tear, extreme temperatures, mildew in the rainy season, and maintain a luxurious look for a long time; thus, minimizing the need for renovations. 


Marble is mostly chosen for indoor countertops, but with some maintenance, it can work well in an outdoor kitchen too. Go for a honed or tumbled marble rather than a polished one to prevent wear and tear over time. 


Quartz is another top choice for outdoor spaces. Consult your service provider to add quartz countertops that can withstand the weather and sun. Some quartz countertops are made for inside and can fade in the sun. But they are very cost-effective, durable, and beautiful, making them a lead contender for outdoor kitchen countertops. 

Other countertop options include porcelain, soapstone, tile, glass, and concrete.

Get, Set, Go – It is time to set up an outdoor kitchen!

Whether you want a rustic outlook or a contemporary one, the kitchen can be DIYed. But don’t compromise on the material. Use only top-notch providers such as Pro Granite Countertops, where you can get premium-quality granite for your countertops at affordable prices. EdStone has a dedicated installation team in case you need it.

And voila, you have yourself a modern summer kitchen in the great outdoors.