Natural Stone Care and Maintenance

There’s nothing more beautiful than the permanence of natural stone. With the right care and regular maintenance, your stone can last a lifetime.

Why is the maintenance of natural stone important?

Just like any other material, this one needs love and attention as well. As durable as it is, the maintenance of natural stone is of utmost importance, especially if you want to make it last. Therefore, here is a short guide so you can learn about proper care for natural stone countertops, amongst other things.

How to maintain natural stone?

▪         Seal the Stone

Natural stone is usually porous, which means that unless you opt for proper care of natural stone countertops, any stain on a surface made out of this material is going to get absorbed. Thus, you will need to move fast and implement a very important precautionary measure when it comes to the maintenance of natural stone, which is to seal it. Newly installed natural stone countertops are sealed at the time of installation by the Pro Granite team. Sealing every couple of years will ensure your stone continues to look its best.

▪         Use Only Stone-Safe Products

A pH-neutral cleaner is always recommended for the routine and proper care of natural stone countertops, which are specifically designed for this material. Be sure to avoid using any cleaner that is abrasive or acidic. Do not use harsh cleaners like foaming bathroom cleaners, vinegar, or lemon juice that can dull the finish of the natural stone. To keep countertops shiny, daily cleaning with a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water is recommended.

▪         Treat Stains at the Earliest

If you somehow end up spilling something, then our experts believe that you need to create a poultice immediately. This helps you break down the stain and draw it out; however, you need to be as quick as possible. The poultice is a fine, nonacidic, absorptive clay cleaning powder that removes stains and light cementitious grout haze. Stone poultice efficacy depends on the nature of the stain and how long the stain has been in the stone. Base the selection of the type of poultice on the nature of the stain.

▪         Avoid Damage

Your bar top, vanities, and countertops made out of natural stone are all sensitive to acidic spills. So, when avoiding damage, proper care of natural stone countertops and bar tops would entail that you use coasters with glasses and clean spills as fast as you can. Where vanity tops are concerned, do not put cosmetics and perfumes directly on the surface. Instead, use a pretty tray when displaying them.

▪         Call for Help

Working with natural stone for many years, we’ve become intimately familiar with it – how to care for it, protect it, and resolve problems when they occur. We are always available to answer questions when our customers ask.

​​If your natural stone becomes etched, dull, scratched, or otherwise damaged, the great thing about it is that it can be repaired, honed, polished, and restored to as good as new.

Call us if you have any concerns – Pro Granite is here for you.