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Are you trying to find kitchen countertops Orlando ? Get the simplest value on High-Quality marble and granite kitchen countertops Orlando. Pro Granite Countertops offers high-quality granite countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops, quartzite countertops, and far more. we provide both natural stone products also as engineered stone like Caesarstone countertops and Silestone countertops. we’ve designed & fabricated 1000s of countertops and now service a 50-mile radius of Tampa. With Pro Granite Countertops you get:Quality Countertops, Great Prices, & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you’re trying to find kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, or any custom marble and/or granite services we are here to assist make your dream a reality. Visit our showroom in Orange County, within the Orlando area. Or contact us today for immediate assistance. Keep reading for more information on kitchen countertops Orlando.

Kitchen Countertops Orlando Area – differing types of kitchen countertops:
There are multiple sorts of kitchen countertops available lately . We wish to categorize kitchen countertops in 2 categories:
Stone Kitchen Countertops
Non-Stone Kitchen Countertops
As the names suggest, one group contains being made from “stone” and therefore the other as not. a standard misconception is that stone kitchen countertops are getting to be higher priced than non-stone. This really isn’t the case across all different products. Let’s take a glance at samples of the various sorts of kitchen countertops available in Tampa for every category.

Stone Kitchen Countertops in Orlando Area:

Granite Countertops– These are made up of granite slabs and have more of an “earthy” or natural look.
Marble Countertops– almost like granite, but slabs are typically softer in both hardness and appearance .
Quartz Countertops– These are man-made or engineered products, however they’re primarily made from quartz, which may be a sort of rock.
Quartzite Countertops– Quartzite is analogous to granite, therein it’s a natural material that’s cut from large blocks. However, this material is usually made from natural quartzite, which provides it a particular look and typically contains larger pieces of quartz within the material.
Soapstone Countertops – Soapstone is another sort of mineral that features a mixture of granite and marble properties.
Non-Stone Kitchen Countertops in Orlando: (We don’t carry non-stone materials)
Formica Countertops – made up of plywood with a laminated sheet on top. Typically, one among the most cost effective options for countertops, in price and quality.
Solid Surface Countertops – Made mostly from a resin with a chemical makeup.
Glass Countertops – made up of either an outsized sheet of glass or small fragments glued together.
Stainless Steel Countertops – made up of a sheet of chrome steel metal.
Wood Block Countertops – made up of solid pieces of wood, which are glued together or comes in one large piece.
Stone Kitchen Countertops vs. Non-Stone Kitchen Countertops in Orlando:
There are tons of differences between stone and non-stone kitchen countertops. It really depends on what you’re trying to find during a countertop material and other personal factors. If you’re trying to make a decision , here are a number of the factors you ought to consider:
Budget: What you’ll pay or want to pay will greatly narrow down your choices. Formica is usually the most cost effective . However, sometimes the most cost effective granite are often very on the brink of the worth of a top quality Formica. If you’re very price conscious, then confirm you price everything out in order that you’ll actually see the differences.
Style: Depends on the general “kitchen look” you’re trying to realize and your personal preferences.
Durability: Kitchen Countertop materials vary greatly in durability. Wood being low on the size , then Formica, solid surfaces, marble, soapstone, chrome steel , glass, quartz and granite at the highest in terms of durability.
Colors: Would also depend upon your overall “kitchen look” and your personal preferences.

Why Use Us for your Kitchen Countertops Orlando?

Pro Granite may be a premium countertop fabricator and designer. What makes us different are the following:
Unmatched Customer Service – we offer our clients with a singular customer service experience that you simply won’t find at other companies. We treat every client because the only client, offer you with excellent product knowledge, and offer our suggestions and advice to make sure your ideas become reality.
Direct Importers – As direct importers of natural stone products from everywhere the planet we’ve special relationships with stone quarries. These relationships allow us to urge first choice of the simplest quality of every printing operation and exclusive colors not available from other companies. We are ready to expire our cost savings thanks to fewer middlemen.
High-Quality Materials & Craftsmanship – Unlike most companies within the countertop industry we only use the simplest quality natural stone and engineered stone within the industry. Combined with our high-quality craftsmanship and great pricing we are confident that we provide the simplest value within the Orlando area.

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