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How to Prepare Your Home for New Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are an essential item in any kitchen. It’s a place where we prepare our food, enjoy our meals, and set things on as we head out the door.

Are you thinking about replacing your countertops? Here are a few tips you can follow that will help you get prepared for new kitchen countertops

Communicate with Your Contractors 

The first thing to do to help you prepare for your countertop installation is to communicate with your contractors who will be helping you with the project. Although it’s not necessary, it’s always nice to make a courtesy call to ask if you can prepare anything beforehand to help make their job easier. However, you want to avoid getting too involved because it may interfere with their job.

Find Alternative Spaces for Your Things 

While you wait for your countertops to be installed, you’ll have to temporarily find a new home for some of your everyday items. It would be useful for you to create a make-shift space to help store all of your items. Since you will have limited access to your kitchen, it’s best if you order takeout, or prepare food outdoors on the grill, so you can continue to let the team work efficiently. If you don’t have access to eating out or cooking outdoors, make sure that you stock up on simple meals that don’t require a lot of counter space.

Remove Items You Don’t Need 

Another way that you can help your countertop contractors is to remove all of the unnecessary objects from your kitchen. Put away everyday items like kitchen utensils, coffeemakers, blenders, toasters, etc. This will put your contractors in an excellent spot to start working right away! You can also remove items that may be in the contractor’s way, such as plants, decorative items, and other breakables. The things you will be using daily can be moved to a different room, so you still have easy access to them. Make sure you have available drinking glasses, utensils, and plates nearby so you can avoid stepping foot into the kitchen.

When you’re ready for a new countertop, Edstone Inc is here to help make the process easier for you. If you have any questions about our countertop installation services or you would like a quote, contact us online today!