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How to get custom countertops on a budget

A lot of thought, planning, and money goes into remodeling kitchens. Many people get stuck when they’re looking for custom countertops on a tight budget. Countertops are big-ticket items and can hence, have a big position in the kitchen budget. However, there are ways to secure countertops on a tight budget.

Get creative to have custom countertops on a tight budget

A budget that permits a wide range of Orlando custom countertops like marble, granite, or quartz. However, for many people, that is not the case when they’re looking for countertops on a tight budget. So, it requires creative thinking.

Think outside the box

When there’s a budget, then nothing is off the table. There’s a direct correlation between the cost and quality of countertops. The good-quality ones also cost several hundred bucks. But there are several more options available when people are on a budget. So, think in an unorthodox manner and keep an open eye on everything.

Different granite colors of custom countertops in Orlando

Research is vital, and it can save you a ton of money while still providing you with high-quality material. Many granite countertop colors cost more because of their availability. However, we are looking for countertops on a tight budget. So, the key is to look for inexpensive granite countertops options. You can ask our countertop experts for different options.

Pro Granite Orlando offers a wide variety of granite as well as marble and quartz countertops in Orlando. So, make use of our highest level of service and expertise of decades in dealing with countertops.

Quartz budgeted color options

Did you know that there are selective colors in quartz that are charged less than the most popular ones? Quartz is a durable and high-quality material. It might be a dream for many to get quartz countertops on a tight budget. However, selecting their less expensive color options is a good way to get a high-quality countertop on a budget.

Placement Throughout the House

Countertops are often the first place one thinks of using natural stone in the kitchen, but the backsplash is another opportunity to showcase your creativity. Because the backsplash is a smaller surface area, it can be less expensive to use natural stone here—and because this area receives less direct contact than a countertop, more varieties of stone can be used here. A backsplash can create a beautiful, clean, and modern look which provides another level of cost-savings.

Use small spaces

Remnants can be a budget-friendly option for small spaces where full slabs are not needed. Be aware that if you have a significant area to cover with stone, full slabs are a better option to choose to ensure that they match each other and allow you a better selection of material. The use of natural stone remnants can be very effective if they’re located in high-visibility but small areas. For example, incorporating a natural stone tile backsplash in a kitchen, fireplace surrounds, or serving pieces for entertaining, shows off that luxurious look a homeowner would aim to reach without adding a lot to the overall cost of the project.

There are plenty of ways to get custom countertops on a tight budget. Get creative and start browsing Pro Granite Orlando custom countertops to get the best buy for your money.