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Granite Supplier In Palm Coast

Edstone has been winning the hearts of the market since 2006. The brand uses only the finest of materials to install in your homes. We provide Granite fabrication, granite furnishing, and granite countertops in Palm Coast.

Granite is a rock found in mountainous areas. The rock is made with minerals such as Potassium and Sodium. It has many purposes, one of which is making durable countertops.

If you are looking for top-quality granite, we have a huge collection of colors, textures, and shades which are most suitable as architectural granite in Palm Coast, FL.

Granite Countertops For Kitchen

We have produced numerous kitchen countertops. The kitchen is the most attractive feature of your house, and Edstone believes in making it your dream. Our specialists help our customers in choosing the best material for their kitchen remodel in Palm Coast.

We are best known for our countertop installation in Palm Beach. Granite Countertops not only add value to your kitchen, but they are also easy to clean, water resistant, heat and stain resistant, and highly durable. Together, these form great factors for kitchen countertops. If handled with care, granite countertops in Palm Coast, Florida will last an entire lifetime.

Taking good care of granite countertops will increase their life and make them a good investment for your kitchen.

Granite Countertops For the Bathroom

Edstone deals in bathroom countertops in Palm Coast. The brand has helped many customers remodel and build bathroom countertops using their high-quality granite in the most innovative and unique styles.

A range of different textured and colored granite is available. Our customer support guides our clients toward choosing the best architectural granite in Palm Coast, fl.

Granite Countertop Edging

Our craftsmen are highly trained professionals who are experts in giving shape to granite countertops the way you want them. They are skilled specialists who use different techniques to cut the stone in different shapes and sizes according to what customers demand. Different edges that Pro Granite offers are:

  • Foat
  • ⅝ Bullnose
  • Demy Bullnose
  • Regular Bullnose
  • ¼ Bevel
  • ⅝ Bevel
  • Full Bullnose
  • Ogee
  • Waterfall

Quality Is Guaranteed

Edstone believes in consumer satisfaction and hopes to keep good relations with its clientele. We provide only what is best in the market and what suits your needs.

Granite is a durable stone; if crafted right, it is best for countertop installation in Palm Coast. The seaside area is humid and can cause erosion. However, if the consumers make the right choice of picking architectural granite in Palm Coast, it will last an entire lifetime.

Keeping the weather and atmosphere in the count, we choose our granite stone from well-known suppliers and clear the granite after a thorough inspection.

Our clients go from a job done by us satisfied, as we provide them quality countertop installation in all of Palm Beach.

Our Service

We provide impeccable service to our clients as we strive to accomplish customer satisfaction to gain our customer’s trust.

The owner himself handpicks and inspects the stones before the process is taken any further. The whole team is dedicated to providing the client with the best.

The team of our employees is made of highly trained and professional staff. They are specialized in fabricating, polishing, cutting, and fixing granite countertops in Palm Coast.

With not only providing great service in Palm, granite specialists but the Edstone team also provides:

  • Detailed consultation
  • Guarantees craftsmanship
  • Final estimation
  • Cleanup after the work is complete
  • Insurance
  • The satisfaction that you chose the right team for your granite installation

Our Cost

Edstone does not overcharge. We get the countertop fabrication and installation in Palm Coast done at a very reasonable price, using the best quality granite.

At Edstone, we get the job done at highly competitive rates; our customers do not need to go anywhere else.

Our Team In Palm Coast

Our craftsmen are highly trained individuals. Our employees are cross-trained in all aspects of the fabrication and installation of the granite.

They are given weekly classes, and regular meetings are held for the employees. These meetings are planned for hazardous communications, forklift certification, and first aid training, and training is provided to build an ‘accident-free environment.

Edstone craftsmen work innovatively. They are aware of new techniques, technologies, and machinery that have been introduced to make architectural granite work efficient in Palm Coast.

Book For A Granite Fix by Pro Granite

Edstone is offering a free in-home estimate; our team will visit your place and take an overview of the place that has to be remodeled.

You can visit the Edstone website right now to book yourself an appointment in Palm Coast or make a call to be directed by a customer service representative.

The team will book you a slot for inspection, and after consultation, they will deliver and install the countertop at your destination according to your demand.

Moreover, after installation, our customer representatives will give the client a full guide on how the granite can be maintained and kept safe from negative influences in Palm Coast.