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Granite Colors for White Kitchen Cabinets

White is a universally attractive color with multitudes of complementary color choices. So, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. White adds a perfect mixture of contemporary style and traditional aesthetics to the kitchen. It lights up the room, creates an aura of space, and brings tranquility. 

Whether you have added new white cabinets or already have them in your kitchen, one important decision you must make is the choice of countertops. Granite, due to its versatility, durability, and multiple choices of color, is the perfect countertop material. But with so many options, which color should you choose? 

If you have been stuck choosing granite countertop colors for white cabinets, keep reading to get some inspiration about the top granite colors for white cabinets. 

How To Choose Granite Countertop Colors For White Cabinets? 

While most granite colors will look great with white cabinets, the shade of countertop you choose depends on the interior décor theme and the effect you intend to create in the kitchen. 

For a crisp contrast, black granite for white cabinets will be the apt choice. If you are aiming for a neutral interior or modern look, go for beige, off-white, or other neutral hues of granite countertops colors for white cabinets. 

A striking feature of the granite countertops is the veins. You must look at the whole slab with veins to ensure the thickness and pattern complement the cabinets and the rest of the interior. 

Top Granite Colors For White Cabinets

Here are some of the most popular granite colors with white cabinets to give you more inspiration. 

  • The Plain Black Granite

One of the sleek ways to style granite with white cabinets is by using the perfect, shiny black slab as the countertop. 

Black creates a striking contrast with the white cabinets. This white cabinet is perfect whether you are going for a traditional or a contemporary look. The plain black slab comes without any patterns and creates a very luxurious appearance. You can add dark-colored kitchen hardware to create evenness in the interior décor. 

  • Black Pearl Granite

Black pearl granite with white cabinets is another popular choice for a contemporary kitchen interior. It is a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to go for the jet-black look. Black pearl has an understated pattern and is mixed with hues of green, gray, gold, silver, and brown. 

The surface of this slab is honed and not as shiny as the plain black countertop, so you can pair it with pure white cabinets for a modern touch or slightly creamy cabinets for a more traditional outlook. 

  • Colonial White Granite

Another top granite countertops color for white cabinets is colonial white. This is the apt choice for your kitchen if you want a white-on-white contemporary look. Colonial white is not pure white. It has mixed hues of gray and silver with dots and patterns in black color. 

Paint the walls in a creamy color and add neutral or off-white tiles, and you will have achieved a perfectly sleek and modern design for your kitchen. The pattern on the granite slab adds just the right amount of texture and detailing for the otherwise white kitchen. 

  • Alaska White Granite

Alaska white is one of the most popular granite colors with white cabinets. It has a frosty white base with tones of beige, gray, and other neutrals. It looks perfect with white cabinets. With Alaskan white slabs, you can adorn the kitchen with almost color for the hardware. 

If you are going for the complete white modern look, add a bright decoration piece such as a teal or purple flower bouquet to add the perfect pop of color. 

  • Blue Pearl Granite

If you want to add a bit of color to your kitchen, the blue pearl granite will add a much-needed pop of color. The blue shade accents your kitchen, while the white cabinets keep it grounded with a fresh, spacious look. You can pair the blue pearl slab with off-white or neutral shades on the walls and hardware to give it a contemporary and sleek look. 

Can You Install The Kitchen Countertops Yourself?

A lot of work goes into the renovation of a kitchen be it granite for white cabinets or any other choice. You don’t only have to add the new countertops and cabinets but also have to remove the old ones. If you don’t have the required tools and equipment or the correct training, you can waste money and time and injure yourself in the process.

The best decision is to hire a professional cabinet and countertop installer. We at Pro Granite Orlando are experienced installers of cabinets and kitchen countertops in Central Florida. We have been working in the industry for more than 15 years. Not only do we have affordable price packages, but we also have a wide range of slabs for you to choose from. 

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