Granite: Best Countertop for Your Bathroom Vanity

Countertops are an essential part of a bathroom that must be carefully chosen. Depending on your bathroom’s size, you will want a particular type of counter. You consider the countertop by its cost and material.

When choosing the best modern granite bathroom countertops, you need to think about the size of the bathroom granite countertop with the sink that you plan on putting in front of the countertop. While many factors contribute to which is a better option, these are just some things that you need to consider.

Different Options in Countertops

Having a selection of bathroom countertop with sink sold as a single tile is an excellent idea for those who want to save money and try out different colors. It is also an option for people who want to accentuate their existing countertop in the best possible way.

Many different materials are used in creating bathroom countertops. Some of the materials that one can choose from include granite, marble, quartz, and solid surface. We will discuss Granite countertops in this article.

Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite is trendy in residential and commercial projects. It has been used as a natural material in construction for centuries, and it has become the most popular choice because of its affordability and durability.

The modern granite bathroom countertops price ranges according to the supplier, size, quality, and type that you choose. In general, it can be cheaper than quartz countertops but higher than many other options.

Why Choose Granite?

Granite bathroom countertops are a favorite in the bathroom because of their tremendous strength against stains. Moreover, they enable maximum grip from users, making them comfortable to use.

This stone is one of the hardest and is available in many colors. It also resists common household cleaners, stains, and scratches. Black granite bathroom countertops are very high-grade countertops.

Levels of Granite

Granite can be found in three different levels:

  1. Low Grade
  2. Mid-Grade
  3. High Grade

The difference between each level is the stone’s quality and cut from the rock. Generally, Low-Grade Granite is found in cheaper materials such as slabs or tiles and is not suitable for any purpose other than exterior cladding for walls or patios. Mid-Grade Granite comes in slabs and tiles that are known as “split” slabs because they have a single face with a groove running through them; these types of slabs have an irregular surface with rough edges that require sanding before installation. Black granite bathroom countertops are High Grade, look almost entirely black and do not have any veins that show up under specific light sources.

How to Install a Granite Countertop on a Bathroom Vanity?

Here’s a question: How do you install granite countertops on bathroom vanities? To install modern granite bathroom countertops onto a bathroom vanity, you will need first to remove the sink from the vanity. You will need to line the bolt posts that come with the sink up around the rim of the countertop before attaching them.

The clips should be glued to the sink’s rim. Mounting the faucet is as simple as inserting the faucet posts into the sinkholes and tightening the mounting nuts. All the vanity parts supporting the cabinet must be caulked with silicone caulk. Tighten the hose to the faucet and turn on the valves.

It is good to know how the process works; however, it is best to leave this job to the professionals for the best results.


Deciding on granite bathroom countertops can be challenging. Installing countertops can also be stressful. But you can avoid it by trusting a professional like us to handle this for you. We offer free estimates on our Orlando website so you can get an excellent installation experience without any stress.