Gold Quartz Countertops

How to Get Gold Out of Quartz?

Gold and quartz have a common base, but the difference in minerals makes them two different. The minerals found in gold are prized and rare, whereas quartz is abundant. The structural differences make them different even when the minerals are physically found together. So, is there a possibility of getting gold out of quartz? Well, yes. Here’s how you can do so:

To separate gold from quartz, you can use the gold panning method. Crush the quartz into pea-sized pieces with a sledgehammer. Grind the small pieces till it forms a sand-like consistency. Put the sand in a gold pan, immerse it, and rotate it underwater. Swirl the mixture till it gets rid of water and other materials. Since gold has a high gravity, it settles into the pan and settles behind the rifles. 

Trend Alert: Top Quartz Countertops With Gold Veins To Choose From

Calacatta Gold Quartz Countertops

If you want your countertops to have quartz functions with a marble look, then Calacatta gold quartz countertop is the best option to opt for. You can also add beige, pale gray, and gold veins along with an icy white background for a subtle and classy look. 

Moreover, the Calacatta quartz countertop with gold veins provides a good combination with any metallic fixture, including brushed nickel and antique bronze.

White and Gold Quartz Countertops

Cambria gold quartz countertop adds beauty to the space and provides peace of mind with its reliable nature. The material is manufactured and engineered using water, making it recyclable and reclaimable. Secondly, the scrap material of the product is also used for landscaping projects and road base after recycling. 

However, the Cambria quartz material is high in cost compared to other materials, but the qualities make it worth every penny. The beauty can be further enhanced by using Cambria’s white and gold quartz countertops design for an elegant and timeless look.

Black and Gold Quartz Countertops

How about adding a classy black background with glittering streaks and swirls of golden to your countertop? The black and golden quartz countertop combination adds a mesmerizing and dramatic aesthetic to your home space. The beautiful black and gold quartz countertop goes well with dark wood cabinets and light wood flooring, providing an exclusive look.

Use Gold and Quartz to Enhance Your Home Interior

Wouldn’t it be astonishing to have a combination of gold and quartz countertops in your home to enhance its worth and beauty? The gold-colored quartz combined with a white or black surface adds warmth and aesthetic to your kitchen or bathroom space. The ideas mentioned above for elevating gold stone quartz countertops to help you enhance the home interior design with quality and aesthetics.

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