Faux Granite Countertops

Ever wondered about converting your laminated countertop into a plush granite surface? Well, that’s an easy and inexpensive project! Yes, you’ll have a good-looking faux granite countertop gracing your kitchen, without the requirement of replacing the prevailing laminate countertop. All you would like to try to do is follow the steps mentioned below and have your countertop transformed into an aesthetic surface at a minimal expense.

Well, for all those that have laminated countertops, replacing these with granite countertops in Orlando could be the primary preference while planning a kitchen remodeling project, right? Replacing the present Formica or laminated with a replacement granite countertop is undoubtedly an upscale project. Moreover, this is also a time-consuming task. So how about giving a quick and inexpensive makeover to your cooking space? Yes, that’s exactly what the amazing faux granite paint finish offers. You can have a laminated converted into a faux granite countertop using the latest products from the paint industry. I am sure that you are eager to know more about this technique that turns your laminated countertop into a surface that resembles a real granite countertop. So here’s how you can go about it.

Faux Granite Countertop Painting Technique

Prepare the Area

Prep work is the most important part of the entire process of painting laminate countertops to give them a granite finish. The first step of the faux painting process is de-cluttering the countertop. Make sure no objects are placed on the countertop which you’ll be working upon. Next, mask all the areas that you simply don’t wish to color. The wall trims and heavy appliances placed right beside the countertop, cabinets below the countertop, backsplash tiles, all must be masked to avoid paint spills. Now take plastic sheets and lay them on the ground. Fix using a painter’s tape to avoid spills on floor tiles.

Gather the Products and Tools

You will mainly need a gray primer and faux granite paint while working on the project of transforming the look of a laminated countertop. Best to opt for a bottle of faux granite spray paint that is easy to use. You can find this type of spray paint in various brands. Moreover, you will have to choose the one that gives the granite finish of your choice. Next, you would like a rough cloth and medium-grit sandpaper.

Work on the Laminate

Start by sanding the whole countertop surface that must be painted. This will turn the graceful lamination into a rough surface and help the faux finish adhere well thereto. After you’ve got sanded the whole surface, clean the dust collected on its surface employing a dry soft cloth.

Primer First

Take the chosen primer and begin applying it on the laminated surface. Apply a thin plain coat to cover the entire lamination. Once the first coat of primer dries off, apply the next coat. Move on to the next step after the primer applied dries off thoroughly.

Sanding It Once

Take the same sandpaper again and lightly sand the entire countertop. Remember that you have to sand it lightly so as to get rid of uneven spots of primer that are formed after the application of two coats of primer. Now take a dry rough cloth and clean the surface well.

The Faux Finish

All that’s left now are the application of faux granite finish. As you’ve got got the faux granite paint, the work is far easier. Take the aerosol and hold it a minimum of 10 inches faraway from the target spot. Start from one corner and proceed towards the opposite corner. Make sure that you keep the spray moving horizontally while you work from one end to another to form an even layer of paint all over the surface. Ensure that the entire countertop, including the trims and edges is covered with the faux granite finish. To get the best finish to apply at least 3 coats of faux granite finish.

Finishing Touch

Once the paint is completely dry just take a clear coat sealer. Spray a few coats of this sealer on the newly applied granite finish. This protects the finish of faux granite countertops and also allows you to clean the surface with water and other cleaning agents.

Your faux granite countertop is prepared to boost the cooking space. Did you have a look? Well, I’m sure it’s no but a true granite countertop!

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