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Countertop Resurfacing In Orlando FL

Countertop resurfacing Orlando refers to the process of coating the old countertop that you have with a new surface. Countertop resurfacing is done to recycle and repair the old countertop instead of buying a completely new one. 

This is a popular and well-known strategy that many people use if they want to save money. When you opt for countertop resurfacing, you won’t have to invest in a new countertop; your old countertop will look as good as new. Do you want to renew countertop refinishing and want to learn all the essentials about it? Let us get to them. 

Is Resurfacing Countertops Worth Your Money

Are you planning for resurfacing granite countertops and want to know whether you should spend your hard-earned money on it or not? If you want to opt for a lower and worthwhile investment, resurfacing countertops can be a good idea. When you resurface your countertops, the end result will look great, and it won’t cost you a lot of money as well. 

Benefits Of Countertop Resurfacing 

  • Requires Less Time And Efforts 

If there is an upcoming event at your home, then countertop resurfacing will be a great option for you rather than installing a whole new counter. This way, you will also be able to focus on other things happening before the event. Countertop resurfacing requires less time and effort, so the job will be completed within a few days. 

  • Is Less Costly 

While this might be a very obvious benefit, countertop resurfacing will cost you way less than installing a new one. To ensure that the countertop resurfacing process is done within your budget, you can either carry out a DIY or hire a budget-friendly professional to do the resurfacing for you. 

  • Adds Value To Your Home 

If you decide to sell your house in the future, then a well-kept kitchen space will help you score some points. Doesn’t everyone want their home and kitchen to appear spick and span and always updated? If you relate to this, your resurfaced countertops will look as good as new and add to the value of the house. 

Can Countertop Resurfacing Be Done At Home

Do you want to refresh your granite countertops and work on this project yourself as a DIY? Let us get to all the steps you need to be aware of for countertop resurfacing.

Renew Countertops Refinishing At Home – DIY Resurfacing Granite Countertops

  • Clear and Clean Your Countertop

Before you start with the countertop resurfacing, remove all things from the counters and place them safely. After that, clean your countertop properly and remove the backsplash if you want to. Properly clean your counters, including spilled oil, stains, or other food marks. Then, if you notice that some stains are still there, mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar and spread it on the stains. Clean off the mixture after 15-20 minutes and wipe off the counter with a soft cloth at the end. 

  • Sand the Counters 

If you want a high-quality finish, we suggest you sand the countertops beforehand. Use a sandpaper sheet for the sanding. As soon as you are done with it, wipe off the counters with a clean towel to remove the dust from them. 

  • Apply Base Coat 

A base coat can be your best defense against staining, so make sure you apply the coat properly over the whole countertop. If you are using a brush to apply the coat, ensure that it reaches all corners. Then, once the application is done, wait for a while until it dries out properly. 

  • Work On the Stone Coat 

When applying the stone coat, make sure that you mix it really well with a stick or a brush. Then, use a roller to apply the coat so that any lumps do not form. Once your first coat has finished, let it dry off properly before you start with the second one. 

Apply a coat on the areas that were left out the first time and leave extra paint for touch-ups. Remember not to dump the coating on top; instead, create an even layer so it spreads all over easily. Once the second coat dries off, see if you need to apply more paint or all is good. 

  • End the Work with a Clear Coat 

After your stone coating has dried off completely, it will be time for a clear coating. When you apply the clear coating, make sure that it has been spread evenly and has a smooth finish. Once the first coat of the clear coat has been completed, apply a second coat after the first one has dried off. After completing the work, sit back, admire your DIY proudly, and set up your countertops like before. 

Even though we have broken down the process into simple steps for you, note that it is best to secure professional services for the best results. After all, the technique and skills that come from experience reflect well in the quality of work.