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The granite is a natural stone that speaks for itself, and as such, we don’t feel the need to convince our customers. Actually, not only that we don’t need to urge them to choose it, they ask for it as the first material for their new kitchen. Granite is considered to be the best choice for kitchen counters, and there are several reasons for that. If you’re still weighing your options and need more certainties about it, here are some of the benefits of choosing granite for your new counters.


The first great thing about new granite counters is that it will last for years. Remodeling the kitchen, even should you only renewing the counters, isn’t cheap (assuming you choose quality) and involved a construction process at your house. Meaning, none of us would choose to do it often. So, it is safe to say that you expect the new counters to serve you for the year to come. New granite counters are something you can trust as granite is one of the strongest stones in nature and is durable. You can absolutely expect it to hold its form, beauty, and strength, should you only use and maintain it properly.


All of the granite virtues derive from their natural qualities. Due to its high degree of compression and strength, it won’t get scratches easily and so you don’t need to worry about using kitchenware upon it, such as cutting a salad. Additionally, it is smooth as well as it is strong and so it is very easy to clean, and you can do so by using a wet rug and soap. In order to keep your new granite counters’ natural spark all you got to do is to apply granite sealer once or twice a year, which is done easily with a towel or a rug.


The granite stone is available in many colors, shades, and patterns. Some are “quiet” (one color and not a lot of movement) and some are very “load” (a mixture of colors, veins, spots and so) – nature has provided and all you’ve got to do is choose your favorite!

Another virtue of new granite counters is that in most cases you will be able to extend the surface of your kitchen counters, due to the strength of the granite. But, should you wish to do so, you must choose a professional company, which will plan and built it for you. The experts of Edstone Inc are here to plan your new kitchen using their expertise and vast experience accumulated over the years of operation. Call us or request an estimate and let’s schedule your free estimate with no obligations.

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