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Applications and Uses for Granite

One of the most elegant and toughest building materials, granite is a popular choice for the interior work of homes. This natural stone comes in several colors, with and without a pattern. The light pattern of lines organically present in some granite colors gives a unique, royal look to the house. With so many design choices, granite should be used for more than countertops.

Fortunately, it is used for more than just granite countertops. You can have several other granite works done in the house if you love the material, such as granite walls. Here are some other applications and uses of granite. Keep reading.


Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices as the material has several benefits. It can be cleaned easily, is durable, does not break or stain quickly, is heat resistant, and more. It is also a cost-effective choice. This makes it suitable for countertops in most homes.


Another place to incorporate granite into the house is the floor. Granite floors are a great choice as you can easily keep them clean by only wiping or mopping regularly. It helps keep the floor free from bacteria and looks very elegant.

Patio Bars

A granite patio bar is another popular choice as well. Granite is strong, durable, resistant to changing weather, and more, making it an appropriate choice for a granite patio bar. You can make your outdoor patio bar look spectacular with a wide range of color and pattern choices.


A unique way to use this natural stone is in walls. Getting granite walls for your home is not common, but it is a smart choice. Granite is durable and strong, ensuring that your walls stay in their original position for a long time. You will be saved from discoloration and stains on the walls, which makes it suitable for homes with little children. Moreover, as the material is resistant to damage from moisture, it will maintain its integrity and keep the granite walls shiny.


Adding a granite backsplash is a wise choice. You can cut a small piece from the granite islands or countertops you are already getting in the home instead of buying a separate slab for it. You can pick a different granite slab as well. One way to style a granite backsplash is by contrasting colors with the rest of the room. You can get a patterned or veined slab to add elegant texture. A backsplash will also look amazing if the color matches the rest of the theme.

Vanities And Tabletops

From light plain colors to bold patterns, there is no shortage of choice for granite vanities. Granite is a highly suitable and elegant choice for the bathroom vanity. It is resistant to stains, water damage, and bacterial invasion, making it a perfect durable choice for stunning granite vanities.

Besides vanities, you can also use the stone for other tabletops in your home. Granite table tops are strong and will last a long time. You can use it for tops of shelves, dining tables, table tops in your room, outdoor kitchens, and anywhere else. Adding granite table tops in the home can make it look luxurious and high-end.

Staircases And Driveways

Granite staircases can be another graceful addition to your home or workplace. Besides the durability of the stone, you won’t have to clean up the stairs as often, as granite staircases are resistant to stains and constantly getting dirty. Moreover, it is a cheaper material than marble.

You can also make granite driveways for an elegant entrance into the home. The tensile strength of the natural stone makes granite driveways a great choice for the home.

End Tables

This is a unique one, and you may not have thought of getting granite end tables or seen them in many places, but with all the benefits that granite has, using it for end tables can be a stunning option that can instantly uplift the look of any room the table is placed in. Granite end tables can have just the top made from natural stone or the entirety of it. Whatever option you use, pick a matching color to tie the whole room together.

If the theme is white or light colors, you can pick dark granite with patterns to add a pop of elegance in the center of the room, or you can simply go for light color and veins for some texture.

Where To Get Granite For Your Home

If you have your mind set on getting beautiful granite stone for countertops and other places in your home, you must choose a trustworthy option to get the work done, as poorly installed granite slabs can be a hassle.

Pro Granite has been working with granite islands and countertops for several years and has extensive experience in installing granites for countertops in any place in your home. You can also get countertops of other materials installed, such as quartz.