All You Need to Know About the Waterfall Countertop Trend

Did you know that during the pandemic more and more people spent time and money on home improvement projects because they finally had the time for it?

Ever since globalization has taken over, trends and designs are changing every day which means people are also quick in adapting to those changes. Recently, the waterfall countertop cost trend has taken social media by storm as many homeowners are trying to incorporate this design in their kitchens. Are you excited to learn more about waterfall counters, and waterfall island kitchen cost, and can’t wait to add them to your modern and aesthetic kitchen? Let us dive into the details of granite waterfall countertop.

What are Waterfall Counters?

A completely modern and aesthetic approach towards kitchen countertops, the waterfall peninsula countertop creates a dramatic look with the design flowing from the top to the bottom of the floor. The name ‘waterfall’ is also derived from the design because it seems to be pouring off the edge and not stopping.

Also, these countertops have a design element of 90-degree towards the end of the length and width. If you have a contemporary kitchen design, then a waterfall peninsula countertop will fit right in.

What Materials Can Be Used for Waterfall Countertops?

As waterfall countertops are made uniquely, you will need to be careful about the material that you end up choosing for the waterfall granite island. You will want to ensure that the material makes the countertop look like it has been made smoothly as mismatched material will ruin the waterfall effect.

Commonly used materials for a waterfall countertop include both, granite and quartz. You can easily look up waterfall quartz island cost as well as granite waterfall countertop when searching waterfall countertop price.

As both quartz and granite are natural stones, they offer several advantages to produce a versatile effect when you are wondering how to support a waterfall countertop. Even when you choose a waterfall granite countertop you won’t have to worry about maintaining it every day.

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Countertops

Before you decide to proceed with your decision of constructing a granite waterfall island, here are a few pros and cons you should have a look at. granite waterfall island

1.     Beautiful

If you are leaning towards a granite waterfall island, then you should know that it will make your space beautiful and elevate the aesthetics. A waterfall granite countertop will be a statement in the middle of your kitchen and can be a fantastic choice if you are looking for a focal point.

2.     Versatile

While trends come and go all year round, a waterfall island kitchen cost will prove to be an excellent investment for you. With such a countertop you will be able to express your style and unique choices and it will also increase your home value in the long run. Moreover, if you have modern elements in your space then a waterfall granite island will fall into place automatically.

3.     Low Maintenance

If you opt for a waterfall quartz island cost or a granite counter, then you won’t have to worry about maintaining them every day. You will easily be able to clean both surfaces without having to invest a lot of your time in cleaning or cleaning products. Won’t that make your life a lot easier?

4.     Costly

As waterfall countertops are different from traditional ones, there is no doubt that a waterfall countertop cost will be more. The waterfall countertop price will be higher due to the materials used as well as the upfront cost before the installation of the countertops begins. Keep in mind that you will also have to set aside an extra budget for the fabrication process. However, even if you have to spend a little extra on these countertops, it will be a great investment in the long term.

5.     Only Suitable to Some Spaces

Before you start to research how to support a waterfall countertop you should know that it won’t look good in all spaces. If you have a traditional kitchen space then it might look out of space because a waterfall countertop will only blend in well with a modern kitchen with the latest and trendiest features and designs.

The Fabrication Process

If you have decided to get a waterfall countertop, then you will be needing a fabricator who overlooks the process and ensures that precise measurements are taken to create the perfect countertops. As fabricators are highly-skilled and experienced at the job they do, it will be a great idea to work with them as they will use proper stone-cutting technology.

If you are looking for a professional fabricator who can help you speed up the process of installing countertops you can reach out to us at Pro Granite. We will provide you with a free quick estimate and also ensure that the work is done at the highest quality while you choose your countertop slab from the 700+ collection we have in stock.