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About Granite Kitchen Countertops

A great number of people around the world are getting mindful of the look of the different spaces in their homes, especially the kitchen.  If you want to give your kitchen a better look, the first thing that you need to decide upon is your countertops.  There are a lot of stone countertops to choose from, such as marble, granite and synthetic.

Among the three types of stones, granite seems to be the one gaining more popularity these days when it comes to kitchen countertops, and here are the reasons why:

Wise Investment

Granite kitchen countertops are really pricey and it probably has the biggest cut on your renovation cost, but if you think of its usability for many long years, you will say that it’s worth it.  This can be considered a long-term investment that you can appreciate for a great number of years or even for decades.

Appearance of granite countertops

Granite has a natural beauty and many interesting and eye-catching colors.  There are your usual black, brown, red and green colors, but any shade of brown remains to be the most marketable because of its flexibility.  Granite kitchen countertops can be easily combined with the rest of your kitchen, especially with your cabinetry.  You can also choose from hundreds of granite patterns or designs that will give your kitchen a more sophisticated look.  Whatever color you choose, just make sure that it perfectly matches the style or mood of your kitchen.


As mentioned earlier, granite is second on the list of the hardest rocks next to diamonds.  It can withstand extreme hotness or coldness and is not susceptible to discoloration.  What it needs is just simple cleaning for it to maintain its lustrous surface.


Granite countertops came from huge molten rocks and were fabricated into slabs.  Since granite is cut from big blocks of molten rocks, the chances of discoloration are thin.  This kind of stone is known to be the second hardest mineral and it is, therefore, not that prone to cuts and scratches making it almost flawless.  The surface of granite countertops is smooth and heat resistant making it the primary choice of most chefs and homeowners.

The best thing about granite kitchen countertops is that it is so easy to clean.  You do not have to exert a commendable effort just to keep it beautiful and lustrous.  The natural beauty and amazing durability are the main factors of granite countertops that make it stand out among other countertops.