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6 Benefits of a New Kitchen

“The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.” – Julia Child.

The kitchen has a powerful influence on the rest of the house and is referred to as its’ heart and soul. The day starts and is mostly spent in the kitchen, the question is, when the kitchen serves as an outlet for one’s creativity, then why shouldn’t it be revamped and tailor-made according to one’s needs and preferences?

The 6 Wonders of a New Kitchen

A new kitchen has umpteen benefits; 6 of them are mentioned and elaborated on below:

1.  Updated look

An overwhelming amount of one’s time is spent in the kitchen and a part of the house that one visits so often should be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing. It may sound like a tongue twister but the “creation of a new kitchen” improves the overall aura and feel of the house. Everyone has a rough idea of how they want their kitchen to be and with the assistance of an update; they can easily turn their current kitchen into their dream kitchen. 78% of all US belives that remodelling projects should be carried out to improve the look and the feel of the space. Analysis of the reasons for remodelling process showed appearance to be an important factor.

2. Improved Functionality

A new kitchen will be able to offer better countertop space, pantry and cabinet storage, increased convenience etc., thus contributing towards enhanced functionality. A wall that did not serve any purpose may be taken down to avoid cramping space or restructured in a way that alleviates the design of the kitchen and also plays a vital role in improving the overall experience and ambiance. Refurbishments will help ameliorate one’s cooking habits as well as encourage an individual to be more creative.

3. Increased Value

The kitchen is a very important facet of residential space and it comes as no surprise that no other form of remodeling provides a Return on Investment (ROI) as high as a renovated kitchen. The all-embracing value of a house increases, thereby opening doors for long-term returns as statistics depict that you will likely regain a handsome chunk of what you invest in remodeling.  Since a minor kitchen renovation ROI is 81.1 percent, updating your kitchen will increase the value of your home. This very well explains that a new kitchen not only has short-term but long-term investments and returns.

4. Eliminating Inconveniences

 A new kitchen will help one eradicate all the inconveniences and problems the individual is presently facing in the current one. An awkward layout can be fixed to make the room more spacious and accommodate more people. Maybe the flooring is unsatisfactory, there’s a blockage in the drainage system, the ventilation is poor, lack of storage, etc. The fore-mentioned and numerous other issues can easily be solved via a new kitchen, thereby eliminating all sorts of inconveniences.

5. Fit Your Style

There are so many times in life when we regret certain decisions or wish we could have done things differently. Life may not provide an individual with opportunities to do better now and then but when it comes to a better kitchen, it is something attainable and easily achievable. With a new kitchen, you get the chance to do things according to your style and your choice, maybe refurbish the drawers according to your liking, increase the size of the doorframe because you now admire wide doorways and they are in fashion, relocate the cabinets, etc. and do whatever that suits you.

6. Updated Appliances

If the appliances in use are not energy efficient and have become outdated, you can switch to energy and cost-efficient options as old appliances might discourage one from using them. Updated appliances will provide ease along with promoting eco-friendliness and encouraging an individual to spend more time in the kitchen. The incorporation of better technology will help cook new ideas and bake advanced goodness.

The Benefits It Offers Are Countless

Working in the kitchen is a 24/7 job and all of us believe that if the workplace isn’t good enough, it is hard for the employee to be satisfied and continue working. Similarly, if the kitchen; where one spends so much time, isn’t very good, it will be very hard for one to make good decisions and be optimally creative. Therefore, we should all take a step to enjoy the phenomenal rewards of a new kitchen.

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