15 Most Popular Cambria Quartz Countertops

If you are getting your kitchen, bathroom, or some other main room renovated, the main decision that would be bugging you would be about countertops. While there are several options for countertops, Cambria Quartz is the new trend in town and rightly so. 

Cambria quartz is non-porous, stain-resistant, and durable. Moreover, it comes in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. So, you can be sure of quality and uniqueness. If you want to get cambria products such as countertops in your home, keep reading to know about some of the most popular Cambria Quartz colors and styles in 2022. Let’s begin. 

Brittanicca – The Most Popular Cambria Quartz

Brittanicca is one of the most popular cambria quartz colors 2022-2023. It has a distinctive design of gray veins running through on the top of the white quartz. It first came out in 2015 and looks a lot like marble in appearance. The veins give it an outlook of a flowing river. Since Brittanicca first came out, there have been a few more variations of this released for countertops. 


Summerhill is another one of Cambria products which has a white background with thick, gray veins and swirls all across the light base. It gives off serene and calm vibes and would go brilliantly with your light internal décor. 

Brittanicca Gold

If you are going with warm, earthly tones for your home interior, Brittanicca Gold countertops are one of the best choices. Brittanicca Gold, just like the original Brittanicca, has gold and copper veins running over a light base. You can pair this with most shades of brown to keep the neutral look of the home intact. 


Torquay is another one of the Cambria quartz most popular colors. The elegant yet casual white outlook makes this quartz material very versatile. You can pair it up with almost any color of cabinets and other related furniture. The marble-like finish of Torquay brings a posh outlook to whatever room you add this countertop.

Brittanicca Warm

Brittanicca Warm has long maintained its position as one of the most popular Cambria quartz colors. This, too, has gray veins on a light background but the gray hue is more toned down and subtle. If you want something neutral and warm, Brittanicca warm will go well in your home. 

Skara Brae

Skara Brae is another choice for popular cambria quartz colors. This one has striking contrast between the veins and the background. The veins are bold and stand out in a bright olive-green color on the white base. Skara Brae is especially suitable for a kitchen countertop. If you want to experiment with a bold design, choose Skara Brae. 


Berwyn makes for a great alternative to granite countertops. It has swirls of several colors mixed together such as white, ivory, some gray, gold, and silver. The unique design adds a light texture to your kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, this versatile color will go with a variety of cabinet colors. 


For people who don’t want any overwhelming patterns for their home, Swanbridge is the best choice for the most popular cambria quartz colors. It has subtle patterns of gray with some addition of charcoal as well on a white base. This calming, plain color will add more light to your interior. 


Ella may have a competitor in Gladstone but Ella’s elegant light gray background with subtle veins on top still stand as one of the most popular cambria quartz colors 2022-2023. This marble-like quartz countertop has a design of lines that intersect and give it a simple yet extraordinary appearance. 


Colton has a white base with subtle inscriptions in gray and brown color. There are also some white patches on the material. The design gives your home a rustic and ornate appearance.


Bellingham is another popular alternative for granite countertops. It has a creamy and gray background with swirls of black and gray on the top. It has a simple yet elegant look and will match a variety of cabinet colors. 

Blackwood Quartz Countertop

Cambria also comes in black hues. This one has a black base with tinges of gold, blue, and cream on top to give texture. For a stylish dark interior, go with blackwood. 


This cambria quartz perfectly blends cool and warm tones. In Ironsbridge, gray, cream, and white patterns subtly merge with honey patchwork to create an elegant design. 


Windemere is a brilliant color that you can pair with either light or dark cabinets. It has a mix of different shades of cream and gray with hues of gold and copper. 


This is another versatile quartz that matches various cabinet colors. Montgomery is one of the sparkle Cambria quartz colors. This sparkle mixes with patterns of white, ivory, and green to create a mesmerizing design. 

If you were wondering, what is the most popular cambria quartz, hope this article answers your question. There are also some other options like cambria black and white quartz. In case all the renovation work seems overwhelming, you can get help from Pro Granite Countertops.

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